Below is a list of some items we offer with suggested retail prices.
    Prices are based on per square foot of required material to produce
    product.  (Click on Vinyl for price book. More items available. Call or email.)

    Full Color Printed Vinyl               $5.00 ft
    Full Color Printed Vinyl w/Lam    $7.00 ft
    Banner  Full Color                       $5.00 ft
    Artist Canvas                              $7.00 ft
    Photo Paper                               $3.00 ft
    Wall Vinyl                                   $5.00 ft
    Perforated Window Film             $7.25 ft (plus $2.00 ft install)
    Heat Press Full Color                 $7.50 ft (plus garment)
    Magnetic Sign                            $8.00 ft

    To determine sq ft multiply width inches X height inches divided by
    144 = approximate square feet (18in x 24 in = 432 in / 144 = 3 sq ft)
We provide sew on or heat press.
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Phone:  817-244-3310
Fax:  817-887-5071
We are capable of printing just about any design or image in full color. We are not limited to just
the following items. We are daily finding new ways to express our imagination. We are always
looking for new suggestions. See material specification for more information about material used.
“Vinyl with NO Boundaries!”